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Potomac Releases Report: Mitigating Taxes Upon the Sale of a Pest Control Company

In the pest control industry, business owners are often confronted with punitive, double taxation upon the sale of their businesses. One extremely effective solution is to allocate a portion of the purchase price to personal goodwill, as opposed to corporate goodwill. This allows the business seller to avoid the dreaded double tax on all or a portion of the purchase price and typically makes the acquirer no worse off, from a tax perspective. Furthermore, at times, it can allow a buyer to pay less for an acquisition target while making the seller no worse off.

In Personal Goodwill Hunting: Advanced Dealmaking Strategies for Buying & Selling C Corporations in the Pest Control Industry, Managing Director Paul Giannamore provides a detailed overview of how bifurcating goodwill is being used by buyers and sellers in the pest control industry to mitigate taxes.

Pest control professionals can download a copy of the report by subscribing to the Potomac Pest Control Weekly here:

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