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The Potomac Company Approach

The principals of The Potomac Company have a successful track record representing various companies in a broad range of industries. Our fundamental principles and approach make us proud of who we are and how we operate:

our values and beliefs

We are committed to the highest levels of honesty and integrity in everything that we do.

In all of our undertakings we represent our clients with passion and enthusiasm. While the nature of our business can, at times, be one of intense negotiations and ardent disagreement, we strive to be fair-minded and considerate to of all those with whom we deal.

The quality of our advice and services is the measure of our success. We take responsibility for our clients and their needs and handle all engagements with a sense of urgency.

senior-level attention

Our senior professionals are directly involved in the day-to-day aspects of all engagements.

Each project is staffed at minimum with an accredited / certified business appraiser, research analyst and senior M&A practitioner.

extensive network and experience

The principals at The Potomac Company have substantial experience in all aspects of initiating and executing complex merger and acquisition transactions.

Our principals have amassed a large strategic and financial network which proves essential in efficiently and effectively executing complex transactions.

world-class advice

The Potomac Company was founded to provide objective, first-rate advice and transaction execution for small and middle-market companies.

Our advice and guidance is always given with our client’s best interest at heart; we serve our clients, not the transaction.

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